Quarterly Newsletter: January 2020

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Expanding Our Fertilizer Storage Capacity
Optimal Seeding Rate for Your Hybrid
Winter Agronomy Meetings Near You

Owner's Update

Liqui-Grow continues to focus on offering our customers a dependable and competitive fertilizer supply for 2020. For this to happen year in and year out, Liqui-Grow must continue to revamp and expand its fertilizer storage capacity, i.e.……re-invest $s.

While it may not always work out economically, it remains our focus to keep supply at the forefront of our business plans. And even though we don’t see any supply issues for 2020 at this point, we will expand our 32% storage in 2020.

-Scott, Hov & Bruce Tinsman

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Agronomy Research Book Coming Soon

Cover of Agronomy Research Book

Since the spring of 2015 I have been conducting research on new products and management practices farmers can potentially use to increase both corn and soybean yields and profitability. By now I have amassed a bunch of results that are finalized and ready to share.

I will share these results in the form of a book, which will contain research on fertilization products and practices, seed treatments for soybeans, fertilizer additives and much more. These research summary books will be available in February at all of our Liqui-Grow locations. You can also request a book by calling the main office (563-359-3624) or via email by emailing Tammie Suhl at tjs@liqui-grow.com.


New Year, New You

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Katie Hess
Seed & Seed Treatment Manager










"If seed is one place you could do better, it all starts when the seed comes out of the bag."

Farming can be so frustrating sometimes. The seasons are never the same year after year, which isn’t all bad, and you only get one try every year. So I hope with each passing season you aren’t just doing what you’ve always done. I encourage you to add to, and try to better your operation for 2020. Have a goal. Whether it’s ROI, yield or operationally, try to do one thing better than in the past. If seed is one place you could do better, it all starts when the seed comes out of the bag. What population is the best population for your hybrid/variety? What is the soil type best for these hybrids or varieties? Does that product have good plant health, or could it use a fungicide? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, that is what our sales reps are for!

We at Liqui-Grow have spent lots of time learning the best placement and management for these products we provide to you. Our research department has even been conducting trials on management to help answer some of these questions. See the data below for examples of trials being conducted. Fig 1. shows 1447VT2P will continue to have greater yield potential in higher yielding environments than the average hybrid. Fig 2. shows the economic optimal seeding rate (EOSR) for each hybrid, in a given yield environment.

As we prepare for spring, let us help you make these decisions and get a plan together to better your farm for 2020!

Figure 1

Figure 2


Winter Agronomy Meetings Near You

photo of Dr. Jake Vossenkemper
Dr. Jake Vossenkemper
Agronomy Research Lead









"This winter we will be hosting a local meeting at nearly every one of our retail locations."

In the winter of 2016/2017 I started conducting winter meetings at some of our local retail locations to discuss pertinent crop management issues/challenges and findings from some of your local research plots. Since I began these meetings, the number of our retail outlets interested in myself hosting such a meeting has grown. This winter we will be hosting a local winter agronomy meeting at nearly every one of our retail outlets.

The Topics

“A Co-inoculant for Increasing Soybean N Supply, Yield and Profit”

-Dr. Jake Vossenkemper

“In-Season Nutrients for Corn”

-Dr. Brad Bernhard


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