Our Fertilizers

Our Liquid Fertilizers

There are a number of agronomic benefits to choosing liquid fertilizer over solid or “dry” fertilizer. These benefits include uniform composition. This means that each drop of liquid fertilizer contains the exact same amount and ratio of crop nutrients for the intended growing plant.

Monetary benefits come from reduced material handling and application costs. Liquid fertilizer further provides maximum application flexibility to meet the ever-changing cropping systems. Our goal at Liqui-Grow is to position the nutrients for maximum use of the growing plant. Not only can liquid fertilizers be used to “spoon feed” the crop, they can also adapt to the size of the field.

With many dry fertilizers, it is nearly impossible to combine the specific nutrients needed for diversified row crops. This is, however, a simple task with liquids. When various nutrients are combined in liquid fertilizers, you save time and labor costs by reducing the number of application trips. In addition, liquid fertilizer is more easily and more efficiently absorbed into the plant.

Starter Raw Materials

These are the raw material sources for our various Pop-Up and 2-by-2 starter liquid fertilizers.

Pop-Up GradesAmmoniumUreaGreen AcidWhite AcidKCIKOH
8-19-3 Green    
9-18-9 Green    
9-18-9 White    
2×2 Grades

Fluid Starter Fertilizer

In Furrow

For growers working with planters that utilize an in furrow, or “pop-up” placement of liquid starter fertilizer, Liqui-Grow manufactures a line of “low-salt” fertilizer products. These products can be placed directly on the seed at 3-to-5 gallons per acre. These clear, “true solutions” are manufactured from super-phosphoric acid, potassium hydroxide, and urea or anhydrous ammonia.

Products available include:

2 x 2 Placement

For growers that use planters equipped to apply fluid starter 2×2—or on the surface and 2 inches to the side of the seed row—Liqui-Grow manufactures a line of high-quality, clear-green products. These analyses are made from high-polyphosphate 10-34-0, soluble potassium chloride, supplemental Nitrogen (UAN solution), sulfur, and zinc.

Some fertilizer analysis available are:

  • Poly-Plex 7-18-6-2(S)–.50(Zn)
  • Poly-K+ 4-10-10-1(S)–.25(Zn)
  • 7-21-7
  • 4-10-10

Crop Nutrients


Urea – Ammonium Nitrate solution (UAN), 32% N, is the principle source of all supplemental nitrogen, whether it is added to suspension in the fall, applied in early spring, used as a carrier for herbicides, as a weed and feed fertilizer before or after planting, or as a post emergence application.

In addition to straight UAN solution, sulfur and potash can be added to UAN to make various grades such as 20-0-4-2(S) in order to provide the grower with various amounts of additional sulfur and potassium. These products can be applied 2×2 at planting, as a side-dress application, or through fertigation. Side-dress application of fertilizer analysis such as 20-0-4-2(S) makes sense when the uptake of plant nutrients has been reduced due to excessive moisture or compaction.

Pre-plant Phosphorous and Potassium

The Liqui-Grow product line utilizes fluid suspension fertilizer grades to meet required maintenance or build-up applications of phosphorous and potassium. These products are typically applied pre-plant (fall or spring) for corn and soybean crops and placed in concentrated bands through “strip-application.”

The following fluid fertilizer analysis are some of the base analyses that can be used to formulate a program or recommendation:

  • 10-32-0/2 SLX
  • 2-6-35 SLX
  • 3-10-30 SLX


Our Liqui-Grow fertilizer formulae not only provides the crop nutrients found in NPK, but also the micronutrients that ensures your plants are getting the best diet they can. Plants don’t need as much of the elements that make up micronutrients, but that doesn’t mean they can go without them. Our liquid fertilizer is enriched with boron, copper, and zinc, which are important elements to keep your plants growing strong and healthy.

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