Liquid Fertilizers, Custom Blends for Your Farm

liquid fertilizer being applied to field

When it comes to fertilizer, there’s no one-size-fits-all. We provide you with customized liquid fertilizer solutions where and when you need it.

Our Field Research

examining soy beansWe publish information from the Ag 10 Research Center each year regarding soil conditions and the effects of different fertilizer treatments.

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From the Farm Journal

Fertilizer Placement to Improve Crop Nutrient Acquisition and Yield

Summary Fertilizer placement in soil improves plant nutrient-acquisition. Many fertilizer placement techniques have been developed. Fertilizer placement leads to higher yield than broadcast. Fertilizer placement leads to higher plant nutrient-content than broadcast. NH4+ + P or Urea + P placed at 10–20 cm soil depth shows best plant growth effects. Liqui-Grow YouTube Channel Subscribe to be alerted when we upload…
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