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When it comes to fertilizer, there’s no one-size-fits-all. We provide you with customized liquid fertilizer solutions where and when you need it.

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Types of Fertilizers

Tractor in Field for Bio FertilizerThere is so much to fertilizers these days, we break down some of the details and offer you a granular view of what makes fertilizers.

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2023 Variety Test Plot Trial Results

liqui-grow employee standing at back of pickup truck full of seed cornThe latest seed variety test plot trial results are in! Check back periodically as we update this information from each of our test seed plots.

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4R Plus: It means dollars and makes sense

4R Plus involves using precise 4R nutrient management and conservation practices to provide nutrients when the crop needs them and to enhance soil health and improve water quality. The goal is to achieve a more productive crop now and in the future.

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From the Farm Journal

Unlock the Next Level of Your Production

Looking for something to help make winter go by a little faster? How about taking a few hours to absorb the experience, knowledge and intellect of experts in the field – to get the most into and out of your fields.  Join the Liqui-Grow team of experts and some of our highly regarded colleagues in…
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