Field Research

Fertilizer placement to improve crop nutrient acquisition and yield: A review and meta-analysis

  • Fertilizer placement in soil improves plant nutrient-acquisition.
  • Many fertilizer placement techniques have been developed.
  • Fertilizer placement leads to higher yield than broadcast.
  • Fertilizer placement leads to higher plant nutrient-content than broadcast.
  • NH4+ + P or Urea + P placed at 10–20 cm soil depth shows best plant growth effects.

Fertilizer Placement To Improve Crop Nutrient Aquisition and Yield A Review and Meta_analysis 2016 (PDF)


Why are Liquid Suspension Fertilizers Superior to Dry Granular Fertilizers

  • Unlike dry granular fertilizers which spread with a spinner disc spreader, liquid suspension fertilizers can be evenly distributed from the first to last foot of each and every pass within a field.
  • Granular fertilizers shift during transportation, causing higher or lower rates of fertilizer to be applied than intended, but liquid suspension fertilizers remain as a solution, and the same rate of fertilizer is applied to each and every acre.
  • Liquid phosphorus has been shown to remain plant-available longer than dry forms of phosphorus fertilizer.
  • Even fertilizer distribution—applying the correct rate on each and every acre—and increased plant availability means liquid suspension fertilizers will often produce more bushels compared to an equivalent rate of dry granular fertilizer.
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