About Liqui-Grow

Hovey Tinsman & Scott Tinsman

As agriculture continues to rapidly change, we strive to provide innovative crop solutions, quality nutrient products, knowledgeable staff, and dependable service to satisfy our grower’s needs.

We sell only the best liquid fertilizers and starters under the Liqui-Grow brand. We pioneered the development of the “pipe reactor” to produce clear polyphosphate 10–34–0, N-P-K starter grades, and SLX high potash, suspension-grade analyses. We add micronutrients (Zn, B, and Mn), sulfur, and crop protection products to a mixture of these concentrates as required by crop, soil test & type, crop removal, and field conditions.

We are wholly committed to the 4 R’s and provide farmers with the right fertilizer, at the right rate, in the right place, at the right time.

Family Owned and Operated, Since 1958

Our core values have driven our business for six decades and two generations.

Founded in Iowa by the Tinsman brothers, Hovey and Scott, we developed a manufacturing process for clear liquid fertilizer analysis for the agricultural market in eastern Iowa and northwestern Illinois. Since then, we have grown to include three production plants, sixteen retail locations, and a network of dealers that serve our customers in the Midwest.

Agriculture Fertilizer Products

Your Midwest Fertilizer Supplier

Now led by Scott Tinsman, Jr., Hov Tinsman III, and Bruce Tinsman, Liqui-Grow has grown to employ 125 full-time and some 200 seasonal employees. We have concentrated on hiring quality staff in all areas, including administration, production, research, sales, and application. In addition to product quality and timely delivery, our rigorous training program and team approach have been critical to our success. Learn more about our company history.

Research & Future Development

We are committed to reinvesting in our business to further serve our customers in the years ahead, particularly in our research efforts. Our Agrology 10® recommendation program incorporates what we learn from our test plots strategically placed throughout our region. This enables us to provide accurate, up-to-date data and advice to our customers tailored to the conditions in their area.

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It’s localized even further by testing the soils on your farm. By learning about the specific conditions in different areas of your farm, we’re able make any adjustments necessary to ensure the right products are applied in the right places.

Our Site Specific® application process is custom-tailored to your farm conditions. We have been customizing liquid fertilizer and starter mixtures in this manner since 1980, and this experience—combined with technological advancements—enables us to produce the best application for your farm, adjusted to your specific crop, soil conditions, and other contributing factors.

These programs have proven vital for maximizing yields and on-farm profits by reducing the cost-per-bushel for the grower while being environmentally responsible.

Liqui-Grow is a proud division of Twin State Inc.

Scott Tinsman, Bruce Tinsman and Hov Tinsman