2020 Latest Seed Variety Trial Results

Grain truck and combine

We test a wide range of hybrids and varieties each year at plots throughout Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois to see which seed genetics perform best in the local area. Click the links for information on local test plots in Iowa and Illinois.

Corn Seed Variety Trial Results


Durant, IA

Hampton, IA

Joy, IL

Morning Sun, IA

Mount Pleasant, IA

Traer, IA

West Liberty, IA

Soybean Seed Variety Trial Results


Clarence, IA

Delmar, IA

Eldridge, IA

Mount Pleasant, IA

Rock River Ag, IA

Walcott, IA

West Liberty, IA


2018 Summary of Soybean Seed Variety Trials

Calamus, IA Eldridge, IA Mt. Pleasant, IA Tipton, IA Walcott, IA West Liberty, IA