August 2013

As the end of August draws closer, my concerns are on our developing crop.


First, how much rainfall have you had during the month of August? Our 30 year average rainfall for August is 4.41 inches. At the Agronology 10 Research Center at Walcott, the rain gauge has been stuck on 0.75 inch of rainfall since August 6.

With this limited amount of rainfall, the daily rate of dry matter production (bu/a of grain) has slowed. This dry weather effect is possibly going to affect some of our later maturing crop the most. However, some good, timely rains up to crop maturity can add yield, but if the crop is dead, no amount of rainfall will revive the crop.


I am supplying rainfall amounts at the Agronology Center for the last four years (2010-2013) for comparisons.

Note the similar total rainfall amounts for June-August for 2012 and 2013, but the big difference in August rainfall amounts can have a significant effect on crop yield.

Late Summer Rainfall Amounts 2010-2013
Inches of Rainfall
Month                         2010             2011              2012              2013             Norm

June                           11.00             4.00               2.70               4.75               4.35

July                              7.00             3.70               1.10               2.55               4.03

August                         5.41             2.75               4.25               0.75*              4.41
Total                           23.41          10.45               8.05               8.05              12.79_

*Total thru 28 August 2013