National Farmer’s Day Promotion 2021

Thanks to everyone who participated in our National Farmer's Day promotion 2021. We loved hearing from all of you!

What is a farmer to you? Here's what it is to Janelle:

My definition of a farmer is an individual filled with pride, passion and perseverance. Without these traits one cannot expect to be successful farming. Pride in the product or products they produce, pride in the land they work and that serves them as the pursue their passion. Passion is needed to educate the consumer and answer questions or insults they may throw your way when questioning why you do what you do. Passion to give back to the land and animals that give to you and finally perseverance. Farming is not for the faint of heart. You must be willing to get up day after day, year after year when things may not go your way. A farmer gets up each day, possibly weary, but persevering in the faith that God put them here to FARM!

Happy National Farmer's Day!