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State Of The Economy

Presented by: Curt Strubhar

The Grain Markets can be confusing, and we know worldwide events can have a large impact on our local grain prices. Curt Struhbar will walk through the supply and demand outlook on today’s grain commodities. He'll share insights on current UDSA reports and supply and demand charts. Join us to hear how Curt breaks down who’s buying, who’s selling, and how weather trends are affecting commodities.

Seed Programs & New Technologies for 2023

Presented by: Katie Hess

The seed industry is ever changing, and hard to keep up on. Hear about the newest products available to farmers on the market. Katie Hess will share what supplies currently look like and will highlight Liqui-Grow seed programs and finance offerings currently available. Katie and her interns collected data on rootworms this summer and will have the results from what they learned from that study.

Exactstrip and Precision Placement of Fertilizer for Maximum Yields

Presented by: Jake Vossenkemper, PhD

We don’t farm the way we used to, so why apply fertilizer the way we used to? If your farm has RTK capabilities, we can now apply fertilizer on the row intended using our Exactstrip application technology. Dr. Jake will share how you can increase yields on your farm and maximize the benefit of applying nutrients together. Exactstrips offers the benefits of striptill and banding, while being less labor intensive for you and your farm operation.

Fertilizer and the State of the Global Economy, Impact On Supply, and Anticipated Pricing

Presented by: Jason Frinack

We all wonder what will happen to fertilizer prices. Should we buy now or hold out and wait? Jason Frinack, CHS Crop Nutrient’s Account Manager, will be with us this year to discuss the latest global supply and demand trends on fertilizers. He will share his insights on what is driving prices and where the supplies are. Find out who the major players are in fertilizer production today and where these source points of fertilizer can be found to help you make better decisions for your own farming operation.