When’s Harvest?


When should we begin to program the start of our Fall 2014 harvest for both corn and soybeans?

Method 1

One method would be to look back at the past four year’s starting dates and calculate an average starting date for this year. Using this method for our corn, we would have a starting date of September 22 for harvesting 25% moisture corn and September 27 for 10-to-13% moisture soybeans.

Method 2

A second method for figuring this year’s harvest date begins with our mid-tassel date for this year’s corn—10-12 July—and then adds 42 days to reach R5—dent growth stage—on Julian date 233.


With Julian date 233 being August 21 as the beginning for R5 growth stage, add another 21 days to reach physiological maturity—black layer. At black layer, our corn should have approximately 32% grain moisture. Allow 10 days for the corn grain to dry to 25% moisture.


On Julian day 264, September 21, should be our projected harvest date for our corn. Our soybean harvest date of September 27 still feels good.