What is Your Weather Like in 2013?

From a short historical prospective, I am including the following data from our Agronology 10 Research Center at Walcott, Iowa. The norms are a 30 year average from the US Weather Service.

Table 1

Weather Data for 2010 thru 2013

Time Period (Months)                                        Rainfall (Inches)______________
      1 April – 31 July__          Norm          2010          2011          2012          2013

16.08          28.70        15.55         12.60         25.90


It is generally felt that a dry July will influence corn and soybean yields downward.

So how dry was the Ag 10 Research Center in 2013? The Research Center received only 2.55 inches of rain in July which is 63% of the norm.

Our June rainfall was slightly above average at 4.75 inches.