Weather 2012

The weather has had a significant impact on our 2012 crop.  From 17 April thru the 16 May 2012, the following maximum and minimum temperatures were recorded at the Ag 10 Research Center in Walcott, Iowa.

            Minimum Temperatures                    Maximum Temperatures

                 (°F)__          Number                           (°F)__           Number

               32-39                  4                               50-59                    6

               40-49                 14                              60-69                    4

               50-59                 10                              70-79                    7

               60-69                  2                               80-89                  12

                                                                             90-99                   1

In May, only two sub 45°F minimum temperatures are found, but there are 13 days where the maximum temperature exceeded 80°F or better.

A major problem with this spring weather has been the amount of rainfall received coupled with the extremely fine soil textures seen this spring.  From 28 April thru 16 May 2012, 5.1 inches of rain has fallen on the plots.  The 2.0 inch rain on Sunday night and early Monday morning (6-7 May) is causing the majority of the problems.  The overnight rain saturated the surface soil destroying soil tilth and creating a crusted soil condition.  In addition, this rain event limited oxygen to many germinating kernels.  As a result, in some corn fields, which were planted to soybeans in 2011, a less than desired plant population occurred.  What are your options?

   a)  If stands are 20,000 plants or better – keep it

   b)  If stands are less than 20,000 plants/A

        1)  Rotary hoe

        2)  Tear up the stand and replant

        3)  Do nothing