Unique Weather Conditions May Impact Soil Test Results

This past 2011 growing season had significant periods of dry or droughty weather conditions.  As a result of this dry weather condition, two items on your soil test may be affected this fall.  The first item is the soil or water pH value.  Because of added amounts of salts not being leached from the upper soil profile, the soil or water pH value could be half to one point lower than expected.  The second item on your fall soil test being significantly different than expected is the exchangeable potassium (K) value.  The reason this value could be lower is due to the lack of K released from between the layers of our clays.  We are unable to predict how much difference this unique weather condition will have on your potassium readings.  Since both soil pH and exchangeable potassium may be wrong this fall soil testing season, I would suggest that the most recent past soil test be utilized as a guide.