Tasseling Dates for Corn

When will this year’s corn tassel?

Many have heard the old saying “knee high by the 4th of July.”

Last year, my 111 day corn was tasseling on July 1, but this year’s corn was planted 5 days later, April 29 & 30, and our daily temperatures have been cooler—fewer growing degree days—resulting in a later tasseling date.

I would look for this year’s corn crop to tassel in the last three weeks of July, 10-31. With this extended tasseling period, the silk clipping insect could be a real problem.


For the first three weeks of June, the Agronology 10 test plot received only 0.8 inches of rain, but since early Monday morning through Wednesday morning this week, the plot has received almost 3.5 inches of rain.