2023: Year In Review


As we bid farewell to 2023, we’re reflecting on the achievements, challenges and business success we’ve experienced as we work to bring you the highest quality service and products for your operation. 

Major Achievement: Launching ExactStrip

A major highlight of 2023 was doubling the number of acres we applied using ExactStrip, which was first offered in 2022. On top of that, Dr. Jake has completed his research of this technology and we’re satisfied with the results! We’ve heard positive feedback for this innovative solution ever since the initial launch and are looking forward to 2024.

“I was sort of a guinea pig for ExactStrip, and I’m glad I was! There was a phenomenal visual difference the entire season season and when it got to harvest there was considerably more yield with the ExactStrip application”

Navigating Challenges

The business and our growers faced challenges, particularly in supply and demand dynamics post-COVID. Liqui-Grow worked tirelessly to ensure that our customers didn't bear the brunt of these challenges. This resilience will continue to expand and reward customers in 2024, with improved supply resulting in lower costs for many inputs.

Grower Success Amidst Adversity

Despite facing a challenging drought year, our dedicated growers who trusted our recommendations still achieved high yields. New hybrids and cutting-edge technology played a pivotal role in helping them weather the tough conditions, showcasing the vital role that Liqui-Grow's products and service play in supporting farming operations throughout our trade territory.

Internship Program Flourishes

Our commitment to nurturing talent continued through our internship program, which welcomed seven interns in 2023! These young minds brought fresh perspectives and helped drive our research and sales efforts, fostering a culture of innovation within Liqui-Grow. We’re proud to support the growth of young individuals interested in agriculture. In 2024 we’re making improvements to enhance the learning experience. Contact our Davenport office for information about a future internship.

Growing the Liqui-Grow Family

The company expanded its workforce in 2023, adding 15 new full-time employees to the team. Additionally, we celebrated the arrival of 5 team members' babies

Empowering Communities

Beyond the fields, Liqui-Grow continued its tradition of giving back to the communities we serve. Through sponsorships and donations, we empowered local initiatives and organizations, emphasizing our role not just as an agricultural company, but as a community-focused organization dedicated to the well-being of our small towns. Please contact the Davenport office for donation/sponsorship inquiries. 

As we look back on 2023, Liqui-Grow takes pride in the strides made, the challenges overcome and the positive impact created. The year reaffirmed our commitment to excellence, innovation and community empowerment, setting the stage for even greater achievements in the years to come.

To learn more about Liqui-Grow our goals for 2024, text us at 564-220-2508 or email questions@liqui-grow.com.