Caring for Communities


Liqui-Grow is more than just an ag retailer in the 23 towns we service across Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin. We are active members of each of those communities, committed to being your trusted partner and neighbor.

As a family-owned business, we recognize the importance of supporting the local communities that give our team members and customers a safe place to raise their families.

Volunteering and Contributing 

Whether it’s purchasing a show animal at a county fair premium auction, spraying water on a track to prepare for a tractor pull or providing monetary contributions, Liqui-Grow is proud to support local events throughout our trade territory.

Along with Liqui-Grow supporting our local communities as a business, our team also takes pride in being active participants through serving on boards, volunteering and more. 

Each of the locations Liqui-Grow operates in was chosen for a reason, and we truly value the communities we are involved in.

Recommend a Charity

Have an event or organization you would like to see added to the list? Talk with your local Liqui-Grow representative, text us at 564-220-2508 or email