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Looking for something to help make winter go by a little faster? How about taking a few hours to absorb the experience, knowledge and intellect of experts in the field - to get the most into and out of your fields. 

Join the Liqui-Grow team of experts and some of our highly regarded colleagues in the industry on Tuesday, February 20, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (with lunch to follow) at the Quad Cities Waterfront Convention Center. We’ll have a morning of learning and networking at the L.E.A.D. Academy Winter Series. This in-person event will showcase industry experts to cover the latest in agronomy, crop and nutrient management and production strategies. 

What to Expect

  • Agronomic education from industry experts in research, grain marketing and crop production
  • Networking with fellow producers from multi-state locations.
  • Engaging Q&A sessions with speakers
  • Top agronomic strategies for a profitable 2024


The Information You Will Gain

  • Seed Varieties to Achieve Top Yields

What does it take to get that box of seed to your farm? How do we get those lines ready for your planting? Our seed and innovation departments will share upcoming 2024 information with our customer base.

  • Profitable Grain Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore!

Store and ignore or market and sell? Grain marketing decisions are a constant challenge for farmers. That's why we're bringing in Curt Strubhar, commercial merchandising consultant and chairman of Advance Trading, Inc., to share insights from his decades of experience in risk management to help you make profitable decisions this season.

  • How Ethanol is Paving the Future for Profitable Corn Production

Join our Ethanol Tax Incentive breakout to hear experts Dr. Bert Bock and Dave Miller talk about SAF incentives and policy coming down the pipeline. Hear how your farming operation can benefit from SAF and ask the panel questions during an exclusive Q & A.

  • 2024 Crop Input Highlights 

Dr. Jake Vossenkemper will be revisiting his 2023 research and sharing what products he saw consistent increased yields and plant health. These are products available to you as farmers to use in the 2024 season! Plus, hear what’s on his radar for the near future and products you could be using and trying on your farms.

  • The Micronutrients You Didn’t Know Your Crops Needed

We hear about nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium all the time, but what about the other nutrients needed to grow a healthy crop? Dr. Jake will share why we need more nutrients these days, and why our crops are benefiting from the additional fertilizers.


Besides gaining a breadth of knowledge from our industry experts, and being able to chat it up with them and other growers, we have some great giveaways—including a shop fridge. So call a buddy and register today for this FREE event! Seating is limited, so don’t wait, and we’ll see you there! 

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