Summer has finally arrived!

summerThe soybeans which are photoperiod sensitive will have begun flowering.  At the time of the summer solstice (21 June), the soybean plant recognizes that winter is coming and begins its reproductive phase of plant growth.  The more nodes the soybean plant has at this time of year, the more sites there will be for potential pod development.  At the Agronology 10 Research Center at Walcott, IA, our soybeans currently have 6 to 8 nodes at this time.

With the adverse weather this past spring – too cold, too wet, and too dry; these conditions have certainly affected the corn plant’s ability to grow large, robust root systems.  As a result of this smaller root system, reduced or diminished nutrient uptake levels have occurred.  The effect of this extended stress (lack of nutrient uptake) will be evaluated more clearly at R1 thru R3 growth stages.