Are you ready for spring’s arrival on March 20, 2014?

Have you done or scheduled the following?

  • Started your tractors?
  • Changed their oil and filters?
  • Checked the hydraulic lines and hoses for your different applications?
  • Checked tire pressure in all units?
  • Checked your electrical connectors?
  • Finalized your 2014 program—crops and acres.
  • Developed your field maps to show:
    • Crop.
    • Acres.
    • Variety.
    • Seeding rate.
    • Herbicides to be sprayed.
    • Tillage.
  • Verified and picked up your seed order?
  • Applied the correct seed treatments for your soybeans?
  • Gone through your planter?

Conducted right-to-know and safety training for your employees?