Soybeans in 2014

With interest in growing more soybeans in 2014, the farm is facing the task of maximizing their soybean yields. Soybean seed selection is one of the first tasks to be undertaken.

How to base your selection

  • Yield.
  • Disease resistance—most beans are similarly priced.
    • Brown stem.
    • Phytophthora—Rps1K, Rps7, Rps3, Rps1c.
    • Sudden death syndrome—most resistance possible.
    • White mold—north of Hwy 30 or problem fields south.
  • Soybean cyst—R3 or MR3.
  • Emergence—want excellent.
  • Standability—want excellent—highest or next to the highest rating.

A second major factor to consider is the selection of seed treatments for the soybean.

  • Apron Maxx.
  • Cruiser Maxx—the cruiser adds early insect protection.
  • Acceleron + Cruiser—the cruiser adds early insect protection.

A third factor to consider is seeding rate. 130-to-50,000 seeds/a is sufficient, generally a bag of seed/a.