Significant Stages in Developing our Corn Crop

  1. Planting time

  • At this time we determine the maximum possible numbers of plants per acre.

  • We establish our “effective planting depth” for the kernel.  This can have a dramatic influence on the later nodal root development.

  1. V5 – V6

  • At this time period in the plant life, the ear girth is determined (number of rows around the ear).  A row of kernels around the ear can add 7 to 10 Bu/A.

  1. V10 – V11

  • The maximum number of ovules which can potentially develop into a kernel is determined.  By adding another row of kernel down the length of the ear, you will add another 2.3 Bu/A.

  1. VT

  • How many of the ovules are actually pollinated will determine the maximum ear size (kernels).

  1. R1 – R3

  • Not all pollinated ovules will be developed into kernels (kernel set).

  1. R3 – R6

  • Development of kernel (building kernel weight).