Post Spraying Soybeans

A post application of a fungicide and an insecticide on soybeans can be worthwhile.  The application needs to be made at the R3 growth stage for the soybeans.  Our data, Table 1, for the two years, 2009 and 2011, demonstrate an approximate $10.00 per acre net increase for the management decision to spray.

Table 1          Fungicide and Insecticide on 2009 and 2011 Soybeans___________
                     Post Treatment*_____________                           Yield (Bu/A)________
   Fungicide__                      Insecticide__                              2009              2011

Quadris @ 8 oz/A        Warrior II @ 1.6 oz/A                           54.9               76.0
      None                                   None                                          53.0               70.1_______

*At R3 Growth Stage                                      Source:  Twin State, Inc.

                                                                                                Agronology 10 Research Center

                                                                                                Walcott, IA  

The R3 growth stage for soybeans is when the pod is 3/16 inch long at one of the four uppermost nodes on the main stem with a fully developed trifoliolate leaf node.