Planting Update

The Agronology 10 Research plots for both corn and soybeans were planted on 24-25 April 2012.  The surface soils were very dry and extremely friable.  Soil temperatures in the mornings were 50° F and 55° F at 4 inch depth during this planting period.  The plots received a total of 1.9 inches of rainfall Saturday and Sunday (28-29 April).

Presently, I have two concerns.  My first concern is that the rains could cause the soils to become crusted.  If the soil crusting is severe, then rotary-hoe to break up the crust, so germination is not negatively affected.  A second concern is the growth stage of the giant ragweeds where “pre” has not been applied to the stale seed bed.  Either a tillage operation is needed or a burn down herbicide plus a residual needs to be applied prior to planting.