NREC Meets and Seats New Member

We are proud to announce our very own Dr. Jake Vossenkemper has been appointed to the Illinois Nutrient Research and Education Council Board. At Liqui-Grow we support the research to protect and better our environment while still supporting Farmers in their quest to grow yield. We hope Dr. Jake Vossenkemper’s dedication and knowledge will help IL NREC be successful in their own strategic plan.

Congratulations, Dr. Vossenkemper!

News Release

NREC Meets and Seats New Member

SPRINGFIELD, IL February 17, 2022. Illinois Department of Agriculture Director Jerry Costello has appointed Dr. Jake Vossenkemper to serve on the Illinois Nutrient Research and Education Council (NREC) board. Dr. Vossenkemper joined NREC for its Investment Insight LIVE event on February 16 in Champaign, Ill.

Dr. Vossenkemper will represent fertilizer retailers on the NREC board and replaces Dr. Robert Mullen whose terms limits had been met. “Robert has been a great asset to the organization, bringing a retailer’s perspective to the table. We thank him for his service to NREC,” Kirwan said.

Vossenkemper of Davenport, Ia. heads agronomy research and product development for the wholesale and retail divisions for Liqui-Grow fertilizers. He was raised on a farm near St. Charles, Mo., and received his PhD in crop sciences from the University of Illinois. “Jake has a real passion for growing more food, while advancing sustainable production tactics,” NREC Chairman Jeff Kirwan said.

The Illinois Nutrient Research & Education Council (NREC) was created by state statute in 2012. Funded by a 75-cent per ton assessment on bulk fertilizer sold in Illinois, NREC provides financial support for nutrient research and education programs to ensure the discovery and adoption of practices that address environmental concerns, optimize nutrient use efficiency, and ensure soil fertility. A 13-member NREC Council annually solicits, reviews and funds projects that fulfill the organization’s mission.

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