Nitrogen Use Efficiency

Methods for improving your nitrogen use (NUE) in corn.

Employ multiple N application opportunities:

  • Apply 20-to-50 lbs. N with the dribble banded P&K in the fall.
    • Apply 20-to-30 lbs. N or more with your herbicides in the spring.
    • Early spring, dribbled N on 15 inch centers may contain sulfur, zinc, boron, and nitrification inhibitors. This opportunity may replace your current side dress option. The N rates can vary from 50-to-100 lbs. N/A.
    • Side dress 30-to-50 lbs. N/A.
    • Include up to 20 lbs. N/A with your starter fertilizer application in a 2×2 location.
  • Utilize a nitrification inhibitor.
    • Apply with your largest N application.
    • Can also be added to your side dress N application.