Mid July 2013 Observations

Some of the late April planted corn is beginning to tassel this week, July 8-12.

Generally, 60 days after tasseling, corn will have reached physiological maturity. Physiological maturity doesn’t mean that the corn is harvest ready; it means that the maximum dry matter level has been reached in the kernel—black layered—and grain moisture is approximately 32%.



Corn planting depths of less than 1.5 inches are creating significant growth and nutrient uptake problems in our fields. The corn needs to be planted 2.0 inches deep. Where the corn is planted 1.5 inches or less, the corn is having problems developing a good root system and has a higher incident of seedling blight and dampening off and the crown rots are more developed. In addition, both N and K (potassium) uptake is decreased.


We are beginning to find that pod development is occurring on our soybeans.

The Japanese beetles are beginning to feed on the soybean leaves. The economic threshold level is currently 30% defoliation on the entire plant.

If you are applying a late herbicide or an R3 fungicide application, I would encourage you to kill the Japanese beetles now.