Late July Observations


In late July you are able to see the fruits of your labor in your corn and soybean fields. Now is the time to evaluate your fields with a critical eye. Determine what is working and what needs possible revision or change.

Potential items to consider

  • What corn varieties are giving you the greatest ear girth and length?
  • What is my final stand count in my fields?
  • What varieties are using nitrogen efficiently in this year with its many stresses?
    • Look at the stalk girth at ear height level.
  • Was green snap a problem with any varieties?
  • With the amount of wind and rain received this growing season, what varieties have no lodged corn?
  • By the last week of July, have my soybeans reached the R4 growth stage (began filling the seed pods)?
  • Are my soybeans waist high or better yet (up to mid chest)?
  • Have my herbicide programs controlled the weeds?
  • Why do certain fields have a lot of volunteer corn?