Late April 2012 Weather Concerns

Starting the week of 21 April 2012, many people began planting their 2012 crop.  At emergence time some of the fields had problems with corn leafing out underground.  There are generally two suspects for this early season problem:


  1.  Soil crusting –

  • after a period of heavy rains a crust forms which impedes the coleoptile emergence above ground.

  • rotary hoe can be used to break this crust early on

  1.  Cold soil temperatures – 

  • temperatures below 50° F can influence corn at germination.  From our weather data collected at the Agronology 10 Research Center at Walcott, IA, some concerns for possible problems can be developed.

                        Date (April)                  Day                    Min. Temp (°F)

                             23                          Monday                          34

                             24                          Tuesday                        43

                             25                          Wednesday                  50

                             26                          Thursday                       47

                             27                          Friday                             40

                             28                          Saturday                        38