Fertility Management for Corn

The source of fertilizer had an effect on 2011 corn yields.  With corn at $6.00/Bu, for equal net $ returns per acre for both fertility programs, the dry P & K program would need to be better than $50.00/acre cheaper!

                                 Source of P & K Fertility for 2011 Corn Crop________________
                  Fall Fertility Program)_____             Yield (Bu/A)           Harvest Moisture (%)

         24-45-65-10s  Liquid  Dribbled                     174.4                             22.4


          24-45-65-10s  Dry  Broadcast                       165.9                             22.1


                                 Previous Crop:  Soybeans

                                 Variety:  Dekalb DKC 58-83 Gen VT3P