Early Spring 2012

I have been in the field this week planting the 800 stakes necessary to lay out the Agronology 10 Research Center.  Some observations from my time in the field this week:

  1.  Soil temperatures have varied dramatically.  At the 4 inch depth at 8:00 a.m., soil temperature on corn ground on 11 April was 41° F while 13 April soil temperature was 50° F.  This great diversity in soil temperatures is caused by the lack of soil moisture in the upper soil profile.

  2. I am seeing alfalfa fields that are very uneven in growth and color.  The dry weather with the early season growth is creating sulfur deficiencies.  The best solution is to add 10 lbs. sulfur per acre after the 1st harvest.  The first harvest could be significantly earlier than past years.