Crop Prospects

I have found several factors which are dramatically influencing crop yields this year:

  1. Corn variety

  2. Planting date

  3. CEC of the soil

  4. P&K soil fertility values

  5. Planting depth

  6. Previous crop

  7. Amount of rainfall received (April thru present) and sub-soil moisture availability

Currently, many farmers are interested in determining their expected corn yield for the 2012 crop.  I would use the following modified Illinois formula to make a corn yield estimation.

                Yield = avg. ear size (girth x length) x no. of ears per .001 A x 0.0112

                 = 16 rows x 32 (kernel length) x 31 x .0112 = 177.8 Bu/A

The formula is ok for a normal growing season, but this year I would add an additional component to the basic formula to compensate for the lack of kernel depth.  This component would be based on current crop status:

            Crop Status                 Component

            Fair to Good                        0.8

            Poor                                      0.7

            Very Poor                             0.6

            Extremely Poor                   0.5