Corn Production in 2013

Think about your corn production on your personal farming operation as the most important factor for you to consider.  Yes, price per bushel at selling time is significant, but total bushels to be sold are something you can influence.  Those management practices that can enhance your potential yields need to be done correctly.  Yes, continue to sell or at least evaluate the prices as marketing opportunity develops in this 2013 crop year.

A review of the national and IL data for 2007 thru 2011 is provided in Table 1.  The expected national trend line yield for 2013 corn is 163.6 Bu/A and soybeans is 44.5 Bu/A.

                                                             Corn Yield Data for 2007 thru 2011____________________________

Year                                                National Yield                                                              IL Yield


2007                                                       151.5                                                                     175.0

2008                                                       153.9                                                                     179.0

2009                                                       164.7                                                                     174.0

2010                                                       152.8                                                                     157.0
2011                                                       147.2                                                                     157.0______________