The Nitrogen Grand Challenge

Environmental Stewardship and Liqui-Grow

Environmental Stewardship is essential to what we do at Liqui-Grow. Because of our commitment to helping protect the environment—and to helping farmers gain more crop yield per fertilizer dollar spent—we have decided to take part in a Nitrogen Grand Challenge.

What is the Nitrogen Grand Challenge?

The Nitrogen Grand Challenge is hosted by Tulane University, located in New Orleans Louisiana. Tulane’s objective is to invite competitors to compete in a challenge that will provide new and innovative ideas to farmers about how to manage nitrogen fertilizer for maximum profits and environmental sustainability. The competitors will be graded using a formula that incorporates production cost, crop yield, and nitrogen use efficiency. All are key components of a cost-effective, sustainable nitrogen management program.

Why Tulane University in Louisiana – Isn’t Most Corn Grown in the Midwest?

Most of the corn in the United States is grown in the Midwest, but New Orleans and coastal regions around New Orleans suffer the consequences of inefficient nitrogen management by the agricultural industry, golf courses, and municipalities upriver of New Orleans. Excess nitrates that make it into the Mississippi River cause hypoxic zones—or dead zones— when they come into contact with saltwater at the mouth of the Mississippi River and all along the cost of Louisiana and Mississippi. While hypoxic zones are naturally occurring, inefficient nitrogen management by the agricultural industry, golf courses, and municipalities upriver of New Orleans are making the hypoxic zone larger, resulting in social and economic hardships along the Gulf cost in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Liqui-Grow’s Contributions to the Grand Challenge

Liqui-Grow feels strongly about their customers’ return on their fertilizer investment, and that a high return on every fertilizer dollar spent often goes hand-in-hand with high nutrient use efficiency and Environmental Stewardship.

As part of Liqui-Grow’s commitment, Liqui-Grow has enlisted their Agronomy Research Lead, Jake Vossenkemper to participate in the Nitrogen Grand Challenge. Jake is on team CropSmith, and team CropSmith and their innovative ideas about how to manage nitrogen more efficiently has beat out hundreds of others teams and are now competing in the final round of the Nitrogen Grand Challenge against 4 other teams. The winning team will receive a grand prize of one million dollars, but more importantly, they may lead to new and innovative ideas about how to achieve nitrogen management that leads to greater farmer profitability and environmental sustainability.